Buster Keaton: Actor, Comedian, Hat Maker, Style Icon

Buster Keaton is known to have created his own version of a porkpie hat from a standard felt fedora. He would cut down the crown and flatten the brim to completely re-work the hat by hand. As the style was an integral part of the character he played in his films, he and his wife would make  multiples to withstand his clever stunts and feats of  physical comedy.  In an interview in 1962 he gave his recipe for sugar water which he applied to the hats to stiffen them to decrease ¨mortality.¨  When I learned about this story, I was struck with admiration for someone who could use his cleverness and style  in such a manner. I was inspired by his ingenuity in deconstructing a ubiquitous hat style to create something new and suited for his particular needs which would be associated with his iconic look for decades.